Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Akdeniz Koruma Derneği (Mediterranean Conservation Society)- Turkey

Developed in response to marine ecosystem degradation, declining fish diversity and abundance, and associated losses to fishermen’s and fisherwomen’s incomes, Akdeniz Koruma Dernegi, or Mediterranean Conservation Society in English, has created a network of ‘no-take zones’ that put local fishing communities at the lead of ma

WUA "Ob Umed" (Water is Hope)- Tajikistan

Working with nine downstream villages that have collectively faced severe water shortages, extreme droughts, and seasonal crop failures, Water Users Association (WUA) “Ob Umed”, or Water is Hope in English, is working towards the establishment of an equitable water distribution system based on traditional water rights, distribution rules, and the communal maintenance of local water

Zan va Zamin (Women and Earth)- Tajikistan

Zan va Zamin (Women and Earth) was founded by a group of female activists to overcome the social and economic challenges resulting from the civil war in Tajikistan. The organization works to attain access to land for landless farmers, supports diversified farming methods, and promotes the conservation of biodiversity through responsible natural resource management. Over 2,000 farmers have recei