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Yayasan Pengelolaan Lokal Kawasan Laut (Community-based Marine Management Foundation)

The Yayasan Pengelolaan Lokal Kawasan Laut (Community-based Marine Management Foundation) coordinates conservation, environmental education and livelihoods programming centred on locally-managed marine areas in 26 sites across eastern Indonesia. Among its innovative conservation work, the foundation has supported villages in the Padaido Islands to use GPS technologies to map local marine resources, helping them to resist the destructive effects of commercial fishing companies.

The foundation has also has mainstreamed environmental education into schools in five different regions of Indonesia, through the design of unique conservation modules for 27 primary schools, each focusing on the species of greatest importance to the local people. In Jayapura, meanwhile, fishers have become proficient in developing home-made Fish Aggregation Devices to improve fish catches. These traditional and modern approaches have brought substantial benefits to member communities, and have often led to their adoption by local government.

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Simon Morin
Yayasan Pengelolaan Lokal Kawasan Laut Indonesia (PLKL)
Jalan Raya Bosnik, No. 5, RT II, RW II, Biak
Papua 97118
Tel: (62) (981) 22881Email: marlessy@yahoo.com;  plkl_biak@yahoo.com