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Community Development Centre (CDC)
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Community Development Centre (CDC) has worked to improve rural livelihoods through conservation of indigenous tuber varieties using seed banks managed by women-led self-help groups. Local technologies are used for seed production, with training on in-situ conservation of native varieties on individual land parcels. These self-help cooperatives are organized into federations of around five or six groups, each of which maintains a revolving credit fund to stimulate livelihoods diversification.

CDC has provided more than 300 families with an alternative income source and a viable food security solution. Monthly net profits from yam sales are roughly 5,000 Sri Lankan rupees per family, an improvement from 3,000 Sri Lankan rupees before the project began. Many farmers have also expanded into value-added secondary processing, and the production and sale of yam chips, yam sweets, and roti.

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Ms.Damayanthi Godamulla, Executive Director
Sri Lanka Community Development Centre
Kalwana, Kanda uda
Aranayake, Sabaragamuwa
KE 71540
Sri Lanka - 202
Tel: +94 60 2352715 /  +94 77 7944018     
Fax: +94 60 2352715