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Asociación Bio-Itzá (Bio-Itzá Association)

Asociación Bio-Itzá (Bio-Itzá Association) is an indigenous organization of the Mayan Itzá people, located in the Municipality of San José in northern Guatemala, which works to involve local communities and incorporate Mayan cultural traditions in the conservation of regional biodiversity. Legally incorporated in 1991, the association's first major achievement came in 1998, when it was granted usufruct ownership of a 36-square kilometer area of forest, the Indigenous Community Bio-Itzá Reserve – the first indigenous community reserve to be established in Guatemala.

The association brings together 60 member families and focuses on three project areas: biodiversity conservation, through the sustainable management of the Bio-Itzá Reserve; development of sustainable micro-enterprises; and educational programmes addressing environmental and social issues that utilize indigenous Mayan knowledge.

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Reginaldo Chayax Heux
Barrio El Progreso San #_é, Peten,
Guatemala C.A.
Tel: (502) 7928-8142
Fax: (502) 7928-8056
Email: bioitza@hotmail.com