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I-tokani nei Sisi (Sisi Initiative Site Support Group)

Fiji’s Sisi Initiative manages natural resources around the periphery of the Natewa Tunuloa Important Bird Area.  The organization has established a 600-hectare community protected forest and developed alternative livelihood options for the area’s indigenous landowners.  Developed in response to illegal logging, forest fires, overgrazing, agricultural encroachment and invasive alien species, the organization uses an innovative incentive scheme to protect the globally important bird and wildlife species in Natewa Tunuloa. 

Communities sign a Memorandum of Understanding in which they agree to protect the community forest and refuse logging concessions.  In return, the initiative provides alternative livelihood training and projects in beekeeping, poultry, handicraft and jewelry-making, bakery and pastry-making, and sustainable agricultural.  The group’s model farm and tree nursery also help to reduce deforestation. The initiative has been used as a learning model for community-based conservation and forest management across Fiji.


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Silio Lalaqila
Sisi Initiative Site Support Group, Fiji
+679 8293022


Miliana Ravuso
Birdlife International
Suva, Fiji