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Red Indígena de Turismo de México (Indigenous Tourism Network of Mexico)

The Red Indígena de Turismo de México (Indigenous Tourism Network of Mexico) promotes a self-reliance approach to indigenous community development, emphasising sustainable livelihoods in communities working for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The organization, primarily focused on ecotourism and microenterprises, mobilises indigenous communities through a collaborative and participatory network with the aim of overcoming economic marginalization.

The Network includes 17 groups in 15 states, and over 5,000 members. It is leveraged to attract investment, offer training, find markets for local products, and advocate for indigenous rights. Training services focus on improving the operational, administrative, and financial capacity of indigenous microenterprise. Artisans are trained to use local materials and to cultivate herbal and medicinal plants, and 'tourism circuits' have been established to direct income generating opportunities to the Network's members.

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Cecilio Solís
2a. cerrada Yucatán núm. 11
Barrio La Concepción Tlacoapa
Deleg. Xochimilco, Ciudad de México
Distrito Federal
09260, Mexico
Tel: 52 555 653 6871