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Pôle des Actions d’Intégration des Droits Humains en Afrique (PACINDHA, African Centre for the Integration of Human Rights)

This NGO mobilizes local communities in western and southwestern Mali to sustainably manage natural resources and protect biodiversity. Since 2003, the initiative has implemented a wide range of activities, including the protection of wildlife and fauna species, combating the use of polluting substances, and improving land management and access to water for local communities.

One key intervention has been to restore the Detarium Microcarpum plant population, a species which had become endangered because of overuse and bush fires. The promotion and commercialization of products such as jewelry made from the plant, the popularization of its medicinal properties, and wider activities to support the sustainable harvest of the species have created income for the community: the group has successfully rejuvenated 200 ha of Detarium Microcarpum in ten villages throughout Ouelessebougou.

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Mr. Amadou KONATE- Président du PACINDHA
Hippodrome Rue 234 Porte 480
BP : E3389
Bamako, Mali
Tel. (223) 66 78 60 35
Email: pacindha@yahoo.fr