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N≠a Jaqna Conservancy

With 912,000 ha of communal land, N?a Jaqna Conservancy combines the sustainable management of endemic wildlife and natural resources with the empowerment of Namibia's !Kung San people. (The symbols '?' and '!' represent distinct click sounds unique to Khoisan languages.) Established as a conservancy in 2003, the organization trains local !Kung San as wildlife managers, committee members, and game guards. Objectives include the re-establishment of game populations and sustainable management of forest and woodlands through sound planning, management and monitoring.

The general governance structure for the conservancy, is prescribed by Namibian law as part of its successful Community Based Natural Resource Management Programme. In addition, the N?a Jaqna Conservancy has evolved a highly consultative governance model that matches the unique leadership system of the !Kung San people.

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N#a Jaqna Conservancy
Ben Begbe Clench
Wimsa Regional Coordinator
Mangetti Dune
Otjozondjupa Region
PO Box 2044
Namibia - 148
Tel/Fax : +264 (0) 67 245 04;
Email: coordinator@wimsa.iway.na