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Muliru Farmers Conservation Group

Muliru Farmers Conservation Group is a community-based organization located near Kakamega Forest in western Kenya. The group generates income through the commercial cultivation and secondary processing of an indigenous medicinal plant, to produce the NaturubĀ® brand of medicinal products.

The enterprise reduces pressure on the biodiverse Kakamega Forest by offering an alternative to the exploitation of forest resources, while the commercialization of the medicinal plant has heightened local appreciation of the value of the forest's biodiversity. Over half of the project participants are women and 40 per cent of participants rely entirely this initiative for their income. A portion of the enterprise's revenues are invested in forest conservation and biodiversity research.

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James Ligare
P.O. Box 58-50107
Shinyalu, Kakamega, Kenya
Tel: 254 208 632 040
Email: wlwande@icipe.org