WPC Dialogues: Sydney, Australia 2014 

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WIN delegates were invited to participate in the IUCN World Parks Congress held in Sydney, Australia, from 12 November to 19 November 2014. In addition to attending the conference, delegates were invited to attend a pre-conference workshop held in the Blue Mountains from 9 – 11 November. Follow the links below for individual coverage of activities at the Blue Mountains workshop and community dialogues held in the WIN & Pacific Pavilion at the World Parks Congress.

Sunday November 9, 2014


Gathering in the Gully: Pre-World Parks Congress Workshop

Managers of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCA) from all over the world came together to share experiences in the “Gathering in the Gully”, held in the Blue Mountains close to Sydney from 9 to 11 November 2014.

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WIN Delegates Group Meeting

Participants discussed in groups how to improve knowledge exchanges between communities at regional and national scales. Among the 25 participants in attendance were delegates from Brazil, Kenya, India, Gambia, and Australia, with members from The Nature Conservancy and the Kimberley Land Council.

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Wednesday November 12, 2014


Introductory Session hosted by the IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy

The session was a preparation meeting for local and indigenous community representatives to ensure maximum success of their participation in the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014. Representatives of 70 indigenous and local communities from around the world were present.

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Thursday November 13, 2014

IMG 6758-2-150x150 Welcome to WIN & Pacific Community Dialogue Pavilion

Alejandra Pero, WIN Coordinator and Ruci Botei from IUCN Oceania, humbly welcomed attendees to the opening of the WIN & Pacific Community Dialogues Pavilion. Mikaela Jade from Paramodic based in Australia, commenced the opening by paying respect to the traditional owners of the land.

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IMG 6809-2-150x150 WIN Dialogue: Sharing Practice: I-tracking and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Lucy Mulenkei, who manages the Indigenous Information Network (IIN) in Kenya, began the session by explaining how recent technology has been used to empower local and indigenous communities to track their lands and natural resources.

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Comm Persp Thumbnail Community Perspectives on Protected Areas

This event reflected on community experiences in managing protected areas. The attendance of 120 people was a testimony to the relevance of the topic. Delegates from Canada, India, South Africa, and Kenya discussed their experiences working in protected areas.

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Kimberely Thumbnail The North Kimberley Fire Abatement Project- Kimberley Land Council

The North Kimberley Fire Abatement Project spoke about their use of traditional knowledge and modern scientific practices to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere from unmanaged fires. They also talked about the corporate partnership between Qantas Airlines and the KLC to support indigenous economic development in the area.

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Biocultural Heritage Territories: Scaling up the Potato Park to China and India

Moderated by Terence Hay-Edie, Project Manager of the Global ICCA Support Initiative at UNDP, the panel reflected on experiences in Peru, Tibet and India. The event was co-hosted by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

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Friday November 14, 2014

Outcomes Thumbnail

WIN Dialogue: Outcome of UNSIDS, WCIP, and CBD CoP12

This session reflected on three major conferences of the past few months, and discussed how they complemented one another. These include the UN Conference on Small Island Developing States , the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples and CoP 12 to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD CoP12).

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Voluntary Thumbnail

WIN Dialogue: Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Forests and Fisheries in the Context of National Food Security

The session explored how the responsible governance of tenure can provide protection against arbitrary loss of tenure rights experienced by local and indigenous communities, and therefore contribute to food security.

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Looking Glass Thumbnail

WIN Dialogue: Through the Looking Glass? Wearable Technologies and Intellectual Property Rights

Mikaela Jade of Paramodic encouraged the audience to try to understand what types of data are being collected, by whom, and how indigenous peoples and local communities can retain ownership over the data collected.

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Extrative Thumbnail

WIN Dialogue: Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities – Can We Negotiate?

Masego Madzwamuse from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa moderated the session, a reflection on how traditional land owners worldwide can confront the encroachment on their territories by extractive industries.

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Saturday November 15, 2014


Human Rights in Conservation: Progress Since Durban, Conservation Initiative on Human Rights

The session reflected on the progress made with the Durban Conservation Initiative on Human Rights, launched at the last World Parks Congress in 2003. The partners to this initiative have published a white paper to reflect on developments since the Initiative’s inception.

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Sunday November 16, 2014

Resiliency Thumbnail 

Community-based Social and Ecological Resilience: Toward an Operational Framework

A group of 30 participants met to better understand the range of definitions and key aspects of “resilience” at the community level. The interactive workshop was co-organized by UNDP and the Stockholm Resilience Center, and facilitated by Million Belay from MELCA, Ethiopia.

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Monday November 17, 2014

Gully Recap Thumbnail

WIN Dialogue: Outcomes from the Gathering in the Gully: Pre-conference Workshop

The session was a reflection on the consultations during the “Gathering in the Gully”, a pre-conference workshop held in the Blue Mountains. In an open dialogue, participants shared their experiences.

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ABS Thumbnail

From Global to Local: Linking Local Conservation Objectives and Local Business Potentials Through ABS

This event explored the relevance of the recent entering into force of the Nagoya Protocol on Access on Benefit Sharing (ABS) for local communities and indigenous peoples. Participants shed a light on business potentials for these communities through ABS.

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