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WIN Logo 2014 2The WIN World Network of Indigenous and Local Community Land and Sea Managers is a network that brings together indigenous and local community land and sea managers to share their knowledge and practices in managing ecosystems, protecting the environment and supporting sustainable livelihoods.

The overall aim of WIN is to facilitate increased learning among indigenous and local community land and sea managers to:

• better conserve biological diversity;
• sustainably use natural resources;
• improve knowledge transmission; and
• improve economic opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

11670485306 1a0e69e6c4 o2The inaugural WIN Conference, hosted by the Australian Government and the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of Darwin,  took place in Australia from 26 to 29 May 2013. The conference brought together indigenous and local community land and sea managers from over fifty countries to share experience and identify issues of common concern that could be supported by a larger network.

Approximately 1200 delegates attended the conference which included workshops and plenary addresses on subjects ranging from preservation of ecosystems and the sustainable use of protected natural areas to food security and social change.  Special guests included the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Professor James Anaya.

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In July 2013 WIN officially became part of the United Nations after the government of Australia handed over its management to the Equator Initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The WIN – Equator Initiative partnership will maximize opportunities for indigenous and local communities around the world to address the challenges of land degradation, biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement in a socially equitable manner. It will also ensure a critical connection is made between local actors on the ground, national governments and international policy makers.

To learn more about WIN, connect with other indigenous and local communities working in conservation and sustainable development, and to receive updates on potential funding opportunities, join the WIN network now at!