Community Mubaan at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress
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The Equator Initiative is proud to present the Community Mubaan - an innovative dialogue forum designed to recognize the vital role of local communities for sustainable development - at the World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

Local communities have proven to be critical to achieve environment and sustainability goals. Their lessons and experience demonstrate the need to help shape national and local policies that can inform global decision-making from the bottom-up.

The Community Mubaan served as a venue to launch publications and videos, host discussions, and present concrete examples of community successes in conserving biodiversity and reducing poverty. It created opportunities for knowledge sharing through community success stories, challenges, and solutions to be brought forward from around the world. The importance of local community action, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable use as essential strategies for achieving the MDGs was a critical overarching theme.

The Community Mubaan provided a context to move towards new partnerships for biodiversity conservation. It served as an important opportunity for these issues to be voiced and addressed directly by community leaders. Special attention was given to representation of indigenous peoples as well as specific regional issues and the voices of host-country and regional communities. Communities who have effectively managed such problems through partnerships and dialogue presented their cases and experiences.

The Mubaan demonstrated that community members, often working in partnership with local governments, local and national NGOs, and international organisations, are increasingly taking action to meet their basic needs while preserving the biological resources.