Community Kampung Introduction: 5 - 10 February 2004
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Supported by the Equator Initiative partners, CBD, UNDP, GEF Small Grants Programme, Barcelona Forum 2004, Ford Foundation, IIED, Rare, Smithsonian Institution, SwedBio, TILCEPA and the UNESCO World Heritage Center .

cop7logoWhat is the Community Kampung?

The Community Kampung is an innovative community-focused dialogue space hosted at the 7 th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia , from 5-20 February 2004. The Community Kampung is dedicated to highlighting stories on community action and grassroots sustainable development victories from around the world. The Community Kampung also seeks to encourage a dialogue about how we can best develop an enabling environment for community participation in global biodiversity conservation.

Within the Kampung, a variety of dialogue and community spaces serve to facilitate group discussions, exchanges, presentations, press conferences and media interaction. Targeted discussions will focus on the key biodiversity themes of direct relevance to the COP 7 and will bring representatives of communities together with each other and with international leaders for interpersonal, intercultural, and interdisciplinary dialogue. Among the many community members for whom the Kampung will serve as a 'home-base', will be the representatives of the 26 Equator Prize 2004 finalist communities .

The Community Kampung concept note and brochure provide full details.

What Issues Does the Community Kampung Address?

The Community Kampung is dedicated to highlighting the importance of local community action to biodiversity conservation and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Poverty-environment linkages will be a central theme, as will be the topics of social inclusion, participation and gender equity. Other themes to be explored in the Kampung include the nexus of people and protected areas, community leadership in conservation area planning and management, the role of Indigenous and Mobile Peoples in conservation, poverty eradication and eco-agriculture.

The Community Kampung will provide a dialogue space to deeply explore the "local communities and biodiversity" linkages. It will also provide a context for moving towards new partnerships for biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction. The Community Kampung will serve as an important opportunity for these issues to be voiced and addressed directly by community leaders on the international stage. Special attention will be given to representation of indigenous peoples and those groups whose livelihoods are most affected by biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. Communities who have successfully addressed such problems through partnerships and dialogue will present their cases and experiences at the Kampung and will help to create inject a spirit of self-driven positive achievement into the heart of the Conference of Parties.

The Kampung will demonstrate, in the heart of this important global meeting, that community members, often working in partnership with local governments, local and national NGOs, and international organisations, are increasingly taking action to meet their basic needs while preserving the biological resources on which their - and everyone's - future survival depends.